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The Real Estate Industry is changing! It's all about being nimble, versatile, adaptable, and having a reason for folks to call you first before anyone else to help them buy or sell a property. Consumers are more educated than ever before and are looking for value in their agent. You need an edge! You need a brand that you can market with an offer that clients love! You also need low overhead costs to operate your business, and a brokerage that understands that the only time they should make money, is when you do!


Great Rate Realty, Full Service Agents at a Fair Price! Our Agents only charge $4,995 for the listing side of any home under $500k. For homes $500k and up, we only charge 1% of the selling price…Seriously! We also consult with the client on the amount of commission they should offer the co-op brokerage and discuss the most popular rates in the area. Bottom line, we help clients save money, those clients turn in to buyers, and those clients are fiercely loyal with referrals. After all, who doesn’t love to save money?! It’s truly WIN-WIN. Our tools can help you win more listings and do more volume, so you can earn the kind of income you desire! We're the solution to the real estate industry now, and in the future.


Our Agents mostly work from home! They are self-starters who love to help people save money and enjoy being the guy or gal with "the deal." Let's face it, most of the time you are meeting the client at their house, or maybe a coffee shop nearby, or even at a client's place of work. We all do what is convenient for the client. Almost no one walks in to a real estate office on the street anymore. Of course, our local Brokers are available over the phone and to meet up when it's necessary. Technology has made all of our lives easier to connect. We'll show you how to maximize it for real estate. 


We provide our agents with the tools to get the job done! Free initial business cards, a ton of social media content, buyer guides, seller guides, and your own page on our world-class website to share why you are the go to guy or gal for someone's real estate needs.


Oh, we also believe in $0/monthly brokerage fees! You pay to maintain your license with your local real estate board, associations, and the regulator, but we only charge a deal fee when you actually help someone buy or sell a home, and it's super reasonable! We use an 80/20 split model but we cap it at $900 per deal. So, basically, anothe way to look at it is the split percentage starts to go down on any commission you earn over $4500. And if you represent a buyer on a Great Rate Realty listing, the agent representing the buyer pays a $0 deal fee because we're already getting paid on the listing side(No one likes a double dipper, including us). Use your extra money to grow your business with advertising and/or keep more money in your pocket! Your success is our success! 


We also have a total annual cap on all fees of $25k per agent! If you're a high volume producer, we take care of your paperwork and conveyancing for free once you've capped! Consider it our way of showing you how much we appreciate you and how impressed we are with your real estate sales dominance!


Compensation: Well that's up to you...We provide you with all the tools and a brand that sets you apart and sets you up for success! We keep costs low so you can build your business! We'll show you how you can grow your business, but we're telling you, it's a heck of a lot easier when you have a deal to offer! We have agents that are part-time(who love our $0 monthly fees), and we have top producers full-time who understand volume, and generate several hundred thousands of dollars a year in commissions for themselves. Here's a snapshot of Gross Commission Income we think is very attainable at Great Rate Realty in Arizona as a full-time agent:

First year: 10 sales, 5 buys = $90k*

2nd year: 15 sales, 10 buys = $155k*

3rd year: 20 sales, 15 buys = $220k*

4th year: 25 sales, 20 buys = $285k*

5th year: 30 sales, 25 buys = $350k*

*Gross Commission, Based on $5k billed on listing sales and an average $8k billed on co-op purchases.


So, if you’re an agent that understands that people like saving money and you want to be able to advertise a lead offer with a brand that can literally start a conversation about saving thousands just by handing out a business card, send an email to and let us know why you think you would be a great fit for Great Rate Realty! We look forward to hearing from you!




If you are a current licensed broker or associate broker and agree with our business philosophy, we want to talk to you! We are always looking to partner with brokers who want to be at the forefront of the real estate industry, and who want to help clients save money on their real estate transactions! Send an email to to set up a call with our CEO. Opportunities nationwide!



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GRRG,LLC dba Great Rate Realty is used under license from Great Rate Realty Inc.(A Delaware Company) and is an equal opportunity employer that abides by the principles in the Fair Housing Act. Great Rate Realty supports Equal Housing Opportunity. All Brokers/Agents are licensed Realtors® with their local real estate board and are members of the National Association of Realtors®(NAR). Each office independently owned and operated. 

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